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Services Offered at Plank Jr. High School

Services Offered at Plank Jr. High School

Social Emotional Support
Plank Junior High School’s student services is committed to supporting students’ social/emotional needs. As advocates for students, we promote a positive environment that enhances students’ ability to properly manage the social/emotional demands of their lives. School counselors and social workers use appropriate appraisal methods to promote a school environment designed to propel students toward positive mindsets and behaviors supporting social/emotional development through direct  and indirect services.
SEL support offered at Plank:
  • Counseling Groups - groups provide a supportive environment to discuss problems and concerns and work towards a goal with others who are experiencing similar issues. Groups meet once a week during lunch and will be facilitated by the School Counselors, social workers, and school psychologist.  
  • Individual counselor and social worker check-ins - if services are needed on a regular basis an outside referral will be made.
  • Signs of Suicide (SOS) prevention program - aimed to increase help seeking by students concerned about themselves or a friend.  6th and 8th grade students participate once a year.
  • Second Steps advisory program - promotes the social-emotional development, safety, and well being of students. All students participate weekly.
  • Provide families with referrals for outside services.
Academic Support
Student services collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents to ensure our students have the academic development, knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to be successful. We assist in providing an environment conducive to and supportive of academic success for all students.
Academic services offered:
  • Academic success group – for students who need help getting organized, asking for help when needed, and improving study and time management skills.
  • Coordinate team efforts with student interventions.
  • Classroom presentations on transition to junior high school and high school and 7th and 8th grade course selection.
  • Support the schoolwide AVID WICOR (writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading) strategies.
Restorative Practices 
The Restorative Practice Counselor will be in collaboration with our teachers to put in-place preventative measures within the Plank School community to support our Positive Behavioral Model. The Restorative Practice Counselor will be responsible for reflecting with students & staff after an event has occurred to build a bridge and open lines of communication between the people involved or witnessed the event.
College and Career Support
Student services recognizes the importance of introducing students to the world of work and engaging students in learning opportunities for them to acquire behaviors and skills for career and college readiness.  We understand the value of providing and advocating for our students’ college and career awareness through implementing exploration and postsecondary planning and decision making activities.
  • Implement regular college and career readiness activities and lessons during student support time. 
  • Support the AVID vision in creating a college going culture at Plank Junior High School.
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